Registering for Services

By signing up for Children’s Centre services, you will be able to attend groups running at your local children’s centre and access services and support. Sign up to your local Children’s Centre Services by completing a registration form.

Why register?

Why is it important to register?The Children’s Centres are funded by the Government and the amount of money we get from them depends on how many people use the Centre or its facilities. By registering with the centre you will:

  • help us to get more funding, meaning, in turn, that we can provide more resources and activities.
  • make it easier for us to get relevant information to you about activities, events and other information that we think you might need or find helpful.
  • help us to show that we are reaching targets and accessing a wide range of people within our area, proving that we are an important part of the community.


How can you register?

Simply telephone call your local Children’s Centre and we will send you a registration form in the post, or pop in and see us to give us your details.

Each centre is funded to cover a specific area. It is your choice which centre you and your child attend. However, on some occasions certain groups or activities are available only to people living in a specific area due to funding.


Are sessions free?

Most of our drop in sessions are Free by voluntary donation.  Some of our sign up groups such as Baby Massage are payable. Please phone to enquire.

Do you have to register to use the Centre or can you just drop in?

Everyone is welcome to just drop in, you will be asked to register so that we can inform you of anything that is going on in the Centre. All information will be kept confidential and secure. However, you do not have to register in order to use the Centre.

Do you need to book on to sessions in advance or can you just turn up?

Some sessions are drop-ins and you can just turn up. Others require booking in advance, or are for specific age groups of children.

Take a look at our Timetables, which explains for each session whether you need to book first. If you have any questions, just give us a call.

Downloadable forms

You can download the registration form for our centres from our forms page

If you have a printer you can download the form to print and return to your local centre or if you can’t print just turn up at the children’s centre and fill one out there.

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