Stay and Play

Stay and Play

A group for parents/carers and their under 5s.

A chance to meet other local families and have a chat. Everyone is welcome to come along and have some fun in a warm, friendly environment. The session is on a ‘drop in’ basis. Parents and children are welcome to come along any time during the session.

What We Do In The Sessions
Free play Children need the opportunity to play to enable them to develop and grow. During the session the children are able to indulge in lots of activities including sand, water, table top, books, puzzles and lots more.

Snack Time There is a natural break in the group when all the children sit together for fruit and a drink. This is a very social time when all the children join in with songs and rhymes.

Outside Time Time for fresh air and riding on bikes, trikes and cars and a time for lots of spontaneous physical activity.

Details: There will be lots of opportunity for messy play, so please dress your children accordingly. Parents/carers and under 5s are welcome. Sure Start has a policy of not allowing school age children to attend groups. To protect all the children and families please do not bring your child if he/she has an infectious disease.

Photo Gallery

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Stay and Play