Parenting Support - routines, behaviour problems

Solihull (understanding your childs behaviour)

Solihull is an evidenced based parenting group that supports parents to understand their child/ren's behaviour.  Parents who have attended our groups have reported that they have found the group very helpful in managing their children's behaviour.  We run at least one Solihull parenting group each term. 

Book in Advance - limited places

For parents/carers with under 5's

Would you like to know more about your child’s development?

Do you understand your child’s behaviour?

Would you like a chance to meet with other parents with children of a similar age?

Do you know why children have temper tantrums?

What We Do In The Sessions

We explore various topics:

- Communiction
- Having fun together
- Development needs
- Parenting styles
- Behaviour difficulties
- Sleep