Parenting Support – routines, behaviour problems

We all go through moments when we feel stressed, anxious, down or sad; just coping with everyday life and an under 5 can make you feel low and you may have felt like this for a while.  Our family support team could help you to access services or groups that may help you to alleviate some of the stresses of being a parent.  Sometimes just being with other parents can help you to understand that you are not alone and that others have similar feelings to you.

However there are times when you may need to be referred for more specialist support. Postnatal depression (PND) is thought to affect 15% of mums.  Symptoms include feeling permanently tired and lethargic, angry for no particular reason, having obsessional thoughts, feeling guilty and worthless, feeling weepy and intensely anxious.  It can affect a whole family and can develop any time up to two years after the birth of your child.  Get help from your GP or speak to someone from the contact links below:
Depression and Anxiety service  01392 675630
Perinatal Mental Health Service 01392 406532/01392 674964
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